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  • CKIC manufacture center
  • CKIC manufacture center


    CKIC es el líder mundial en la fabricación de equipos muestreadores mecánicos, equipos de preparación de muestras e instrumentos analíticos para diversas aplicaciones. Establecida en 1992, CKIC se ha convertido en una empresa de carácter público de gran éxito que cotiza en la Bolsa de Valores de China y cuenta con más de 800 empleados alrededor el mundo.

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    • Biomass Power Generation Will Be The Core Generating Method In Cuba | CKIC


      Biomass Power Generation Will Be The Core Generating Method In Cuba
      Ciro Redondo, located in the central province of Cuba, will build a biomass power plant cooperating with foreign countries, which is an important part of the strategy for promoting renewable energy power generation. Biopower, formerly a British start-up company, later obtained China Shanghai Electric Investment Company financing and became the foreign controlling shareholder. According to the agreement among Cuba, China and Britain, the company will build 5 plants in Ciro Redondo, among which the Shanghai company will be responsible for the first plant construction and provide equipment.
    • CKIC Introduces New Ash Fusion Determinator 5E-AF4115 | CKIC


      CKIC Introduces New Ash Fusion Determinator 5E-AF4115
      CKIC is pleased to introduce the new model 5E-AF4115 to their lineup of ash fusion determinators. Designed with the latest technology, 5E-AF4115 provides an efficient, safe, reliable way to monitor ash cone deformation temperatures through a number of new and improved features. 5E-AF4115 allows users to maximize their productivity by testing 15 samples per batch. Optimized sample-loader improves long-term stability. Advanced image recognition technology broadens the measuring capabilities on various samples from room temperature to maximum temperature. Smart software platform powered by a t
    • Meet CKIC at Analitica Latin America 2017  | CKIC


      Meet CKIC at Analitica Latin America 2017
      Analtica Latica America is one of the main meeting points of the analytical chemical industry. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the fields of laboratory technology, biotechnology and quality control present the latest news and trends. As the global leader in the manufacture of mechanical samplers, sample preparation equipment and analytical instruments for various application, CKIC will participate in the Analtica Latin America at September 26-28, 2017. We will show more videos about the principles and advantages of analytical instrument for 5E-C5508 Automatic Calorimeter, 5E-IR

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