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CKIC Introduces New Ash Fusion Determinator 5E-AF4115


CKIC is pleased to introduce the new model 5E-AF4115 to their lineup of ash fusion determinators.Designed with the latest technology, 5E-AF4115 provides an efficient, safe, reliable way to monitor ash cone deformation temperatures through a number of new and improved features. 5E-AF4115 allows users to maximize their productivity by testing 15 samples per batch. Optimized sample-loader improves long-term stability.

Advanced image recognition technology broadens the measuring capabilities on various samples from room temperature to maximum temperature. Smart software platform powered by a touch-screen interface, increasing usability and operational control without using valuable bench space.

In addition, a 3.2 Mega-pixel camera are also available to help users achieve the most reliable results. 

Unique Structure for 15 Samples
5E-AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator can analyze 15 samples per batch, which greatly increase the analytical efficiency and reduce the analytical cost for each sample.

Auto Sample-loader with High Reliability
Equipped with advanced automatic sample loading mechanism, the instrument can prevent the ash cone from being in a wrong position, tilting, or damaging.

High Safety
1. It adopts the fully sealed furnace structure. The gas has only one inlet and one outlet to prevent gas leakage. With Quantitative Detection Technology of Airtightness, it can be used to measure the stability of the furnace atmosphere, so as to get the accurate analysis results.
2. Efficient exhaust system avoids excessive gas concentration in the equipment. When the exhaust system is abnormal, it will alarm in real time.
3. Equipped with dangerous gas detection and alarm device, once the device detects any gas leakage, it can automatically turn off the gas source.

Spectral Lighting Technology
5E-AF4115 adopts original spectral lighting technology that can reliably recognize the characteristic temperature of ash cone from ambient temperature to the maximum temperature, which ensures the accurate analysis results.

Patented Positive Pressure Dust Removal Device
In the process of ash fusibility analysis, a lot of dust and water vapor will be produced, which will contaminate the observing lens. For the traditional instrument, the lens are required to be cleaned before analysis; while for the 5E-AF4115, it adopts the unique positive pressure dust removal technology to  effectively avoid lens contamination and reduce clean-up maintenance.

Optimized Camera Technology
5E-AF4115 uses the same window for manual observation and camera image acquisition. The image are consistent. High-definition camera combines advanced image processing technology. It can have clear image and accurate recognition of characteristic temperature for ash cone. The camera is located in front of the high temperature furnace which makes it easy for maintenance. Equipped with a cooling system, it ensures the stable work and long service life.

CKIC guarantee customer to provide lifetime’s spare parts, all of CKIC’s products feature a world-wide team of support specialists, ready to answer any questions or provide assistance should users ever need it.

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