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  • CKIC 5E-SOLAS Online Analyzer

5E-SOLAS Analizador Online

5E-SOLAS Analizador Online is a fully automated multi-element on-line analyzer for bulk materials like coal, ores or other minerals and comprises a sample taking device combined with an XRF-analyzer. It may be positioned at conveyor-belts, crushers or attached as analyzer to an (automated) sampling system of different make.

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General Information:The basic instrument is equipped with an XRF-analyzer, which allows simultaneous analysis of up to eight elements from Al to U. data processing and display are done using Siemens WINCC technology. 5E-SOLAS is a completely self-checking equipment in all vital functions to ensure reliable results. All operation is completely automatic and can be monitored and influenced from remote places.

Fields of Application:
Immediately downstream of the excavator

1. To determine the sulfur & ash contents as well as the composition of the ash.
2. To detect sand infiltrating the raw lignite.
3. To blend the raw lignite with overburden as a means of adjusting the ash content.
4. To control the quality predicted by geological models.
5. To detect quality changes which have to be taken care of quickly.

Upstream of the blending yard

To record the quality of the coal stocked in a bunker/stockyard in a file with quality data on the basis of a stockyard model; the required quality can be selected and set with the recording device and the help of the quality file.

Downstream of the blending yard
To control the quality of the blended product leaving the stockyard.

In thermal power plants

1. To avoid slag formation, 5E-SOLAS is able to calculate typical parameters, such as the acid/base ratio, the SiO2 ratio or the slagging factor..
2. To optimize the control of cleaning mechanisms (such as water lance blowers) in power plants, depending on the coal quality.
3. As incoming quality inspection; the blending with selected additives will make it possible to respond to quality problems, so that incidents causing extensive damage can be avoided.


Standard Version
Analysis Frequency Depending on the application 20–60 analyses p. h
Analytical performance
(elements analyzed and analysis parameters gained therefrom)
Basically all chemical elements, including aluminum and uranium.
in coal / lignite:
Sulfur ash contents, components of the ash, calorific value, slagging factors, chemical elements
(Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe)

in iron ore:
chemical elements
(Al, Si, P, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe)

in cement:
components of cement raw meal
(Al, Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe)
calculation of the LSF
Weight (container version) 6t
Dimensions((L×W×H)) 5500mm×3000mm×2600mm, or a 20 ft. “cargo container”
Power Supply 25 kW: 400, 500 or 690 V (voltage & frequency according to local conditions - please specify)
Operating Temperature Range -40 – + 45° C (air-conditioning & heating integrated in the container)
Mechanical installation/vibration all Ethernet connections (e.g. DSL modems, wireless, optical fibre, GSM router VPN), with the distance depending on the chosen type of connection: DSL modems up to 10 km, wireless up to ~1 km, GSM router virtually unlimited
Net Weight 365kg
Interfaces/control contacts OPC, Profibus, serial interface, hardware: 4-20 mA / floating contacts