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Biomass Power Generation Will Be The Core Generating Method In Cuba

06/09/2017 Biomass

Ciro Redondo, located in the central province of Cuba, will build a biomass power plant cooperating with foreign countries, which is an important part of the strategy for promoting renewable energy power generation. 

Biopower, formerly a British start-up company, later obtained China Shanghai Electric Investment Company financing and became the foreign controlling shareholder. According to the agreement among Cuba, China and Britain, the company will build 5 plants in Ciro Redondo, among which the Shanghai company will be responsible for the first plant construction and provide equipment.

It is introduced that the plant will use bagasse produced by local sugar factory to generate electricity. In the harvest season, the generation capacity can reach 30 megawatt per hour. After this season, the plant will continue to generate power by using other kinds of biomass fuel produced by plants. As a cleaner and more efficient method, biomass power generation is a part of sugar industry diversification plan in Cuba. This program will create more employment opportunities, protect local environment and reduce carbon dioxide emission.

At present, Cuba plans to build 22 biomass power plants where the generating capacity will reach 755 megawatt. That means biomass power generation will be the core generating method of the new energy in Cuba.